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Generation Roe: Inside the Future of the Pro-Choice Movement - Sarah Erdreich

OK, so I was griping/raising concerns about this book's scope. But I just started reading it and am pleasantly surprised! 

Obviously, I haven't finished it yet, so I can't talk to its "ultimate" point, but so far (okay, page 19), it is really more of a history of abortion (which, incidentally, was a class recommended to me at a college I visited but did not attend). I'm learning facts about anti-choice/pro-life former Surgeon General Koop (the very same who appears in those commercials endorsing LifeAlert) and how he "coauthored a book, 'Whatever Happened to the Human Race'" talking about how abortion was allegedly traumatic to women, but when then -President Reagan asked him to issue a statement saying that abortion had negative effects on women, Koop refused. He did his own research and, despite the fact that he was still, personally, pro-life, he could not professionally state that abortion harmed women (17.)


So, so far, I'm liking it!


I had a fear that it was trying to be The Feminine Mystique a la 1963: speaking for a slice of women while claiming to speak for all of them. 


But we shall see!