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"Biographers have misconstrued Plath, becoming fixated on her psychological problems, on what Ted Hughes did to her--and on one another...In truth, Plath wanted to be wholly known. Hughes was astonished to learn that his wife had entrusted his love letters to her mother. But Aurelia Plath was not surprised, having raised nothing less than a primordial child of time, a woman who wrote for the ages and was unconcerned about her husband's petty notions of privacy.

Plath needs a new biography, one that recognizes her overwhelming desire to by a cynosure, a guiding force and focal point for modern women and men. The pressures on a woman who sees herself in such megalomaniacal terms were enormous, and understanding such pressures and her responses to them yields a fresh and startling perspective that makes Plath's writing, her marriage, and her suicide finally understandable in terms of the way we live now.

Unlike other writers of her generation, Plath realized that the worlds of high art and popular culture were converging."
American Isis: The Life and Art of Sylvia Plath - Carl Rollyson

Carl Rollyson, American Isis: The Life and Art of Sylvia Plath.



I think I will like this book. :)