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I know this is supposed to be a blog about books, but it's also my life, and so, here I depart from book-talk to talk about one of the other most important things in the world to me: The World Cup.


You heard me :) I am a bibliophilic football lover. IT IS THE WORLD'S GAME.



I cannot even TELL you how freaking excited I am for the World Cup. I can't. Football makes the world go round.
Here are my predictions for the group stages:


Group A: Brazil, Brazil, Brazil. They've got this one in the bag. They're playing on home territory, and though Mexico could definitely take it, my bet's on the host country. This is *their* "beautiful game", after all, and they play it better than anybody on the planet. If they can just add goal-scoring to their footwork, they're golden. And I'm pretty sure they've been waiiiiiting for this, so. Vá Brasil!


Group B: Oooh, harsh. Spain is defending world champion, but they had to beat the Netherlands to get there. CAN they do it again? Dun dun duuunn....Also, Chile is NOT to be discounted. My bet is that, barring some freak international incident like an own goal or a very discombobulated ref, they'll sweep past Australia and definitely have a fighting chance against Spain/Netherlands. My apologies to the Aussies.


Group C: Colombia's got this in the bag. EN EL BOLSO. They're powerhouses. HOWEVER, and I really hope this is the case, Cote d'Ivoire is awesome too and IF they can get over their problem of dithering instead of goal scoring, they could totally take this.


Group D: HA! Poor England. Sorry, guys, but I really think your chances of beating either Costa Rica, Uruguay, or Italy is....not going to happen. Italy is like freakily good. Maybe Costa Rica *could* go down, but no way is Uruguay getting kicked out. My bet's on a Italy-Uruguay final group match. Again, my apologies to David Beckham. Wait; is he even on the team this year? Whatever. Brits, just don't go into national mourning like you do every four years when this...ALWAYS happens. Tough love :3


Group E: Pshh. Ecuador or Honduras. Duh. France and Switzerland don't stand a chance. I take that back. Switzerland definitely does. Buuuut my bet's on Honduras


Group F: Argentina. Case closed.


Group G: Ha; oh, great heavens. I am so prepared for more US griping about how good Ghana is because they're playing each other again. Sorry, but get over it, country-of-my-birth. You yourselves say your national sports are baseball and that rugby/American football thing. So you can't be surprised when your soccer team doesn't really always get far in the World Cup. Oh, stop looking at me like that. Germany's going to win this one. They just are. Portugal may take an upset, and I DO hope that Ghana wins, but Germany is a powerhouse of freakishly strong proportions. I wonder how that Bastian Schweinsteiger has been...


Group H: Ahhhh......um. I...this is weird. Russia, Belgium, South Korea, and Algeria. Ok, Russia, maybe. Or Belgium. South Korea could totally pull an upset; they have that ability; I'm pretty sure it's narrowly between Russia and Belgium. I can see Belgium edging ahead by, like, one goal.

And that's it! Tune in again in about 20 seconds when I have my next World Cup excitement freakout.