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Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf


You don't understand. This is  HUGE DEAL. An existential deal. A MAJOR DAMN DEAL.


*hyperventilates through brown paper bag*


I bought this, I thought, at a used book sale in my college town, making sure to have it in my library. I am pretty sure I still have it somewhere, but I thought it was on my bookshelf above my bed and it's notttttttt!


Lo and behold, there's a sidewalk sale outside my bookstore and, lo and behold, what do I find but a beautiful, beautiful classic copy of Mrs Dalloway. I nearly fainted.


It wasn't that annoying redone-to-be-modern cover that has the image of a smiling woman in pseudo-20s garb. Don't get me wrong, that image is accurate, but the picture of Mrs Dalloway per the book is so not one of a glittering, happy, smiling woman on a picnic. (No matter how cool her hat is).

So i kind of grumbled about having that copy and I was seriously considering, at the sidewalk sale, buying the other copy of a book that I knew I already had....but "good sense" prevailed and I did not.


But when I got home and searched my bookshelves, ALAS---she was nowhere to be found in any shape whatsoever! Imagine my despair.


I despaired.


I seriously think I might have felt existentially crushed for a few moments, sitting on the floor in shock. Virginia Woolf has that effect on me, but not for the reasons one might think.


SO! All I can say is "Carpe diem- because you never know when the book-love of your life has secretly betrayed you and run away from your personal library without your knowledge- and the beautiful version of the classic that means so much to you that you hold in your arms on a spontaneous day....BUY IT!"